5 Ways That Open Banking Makes Taking Payments Safer

open banking makes payments safer

Businesses need to be able to provide their customers peace of mind that the payment methods they are using are safe. Fraud is a top concern for many businesses, understandably, as it can be costly to the company and negatively impact their reputation and level of trust with customers. As we discussed in our article […]

Introduction to Online Payments

Introduction to online payments

People are turning to online payments more and more, especially since the pandemic. However, the world of online payments is broad and businesses need to understand the different methods and know which option is best for them and their customers. Here is an introduction to online payments. What are Online Payments? Online payments are the […]

Why Was Open Banking Introduced?

Why was open banking introduced

Open Banking is one of the biggest changes in the financial world in recent years. Here we discuss why Open Banking was introduced.

6 Ways Open Banking Can Help Your Business Save Time

6 ways open banking can save your business time

Open Banking has a range of benefits for organisations. Not only is it a secure method of payment that is easy and flexible for customers to use, but it is also extremely secure. Using open banking APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) creates a high level of data protection and convenience for customers and businesses alike whilst […]

<strong>Is Open Banking Safe?</strong>

Is Open Banking Safe

“Is Open Banking Safe?”. This is a common question as the safety of new technologies is paramount. People need to feel safe and secure with new technology, especially when it comes to their money. Whilst Open Banking is becoming an ever-increasingly popular method of payment and managing finances on both a personal and business level, […]

What Are The Benefits Of Open Banking For Businesses Of All Sizes

How Open Banking Can Help Businesses Of All Sizes

Open Banking is increasingly being used by consumers and businesses alike and this is only going to increase. There are many benefits to using Open Banking when it comes to making and receiving payments and it is not just something that will benefit a certain type or size of business. No matter if you are […]

Is It The End Of Direct Debits?

Is it the end of Direct Debits

The increased popularity of Open Banking is making waves in the banking sector and changing the way we make payments. So, is it the end of Direct Debits? The New Payments Architecture The new payments architecture (NPA) is also known as interbank payments and is the new program used between banks in the UK. The […]

The Pros And Cons Of Open Banking

The pros and cons of open banking

The world of banking is changing dramatically – with one of the most significant advances in recent decades being Open Banking. But, what exactly is Open Banking, why is it now becoming one of the most popular ways to make payments and something businesses and consumers should consider using? Here, we discuss the pros and […]