Refer Business.

Get Rewarded.

Earn a Steady Stream of Passive Income Every Month by Receiving 20% of What we Get Paid!*

*Once we’ve been paid by the client referred.

How Does it Work?


Introduce a Business to us

Fill out the referral form above, including as many details as you can.


They Sign up

Wait for the business to fully sign up to TrustistTransfer.


You Get Paid!

Once we’ve received payment from the business referred, you’ll get paid.

How Much Could You Make?

TrustistTransfer Referral Table

The table shows the potential earnings based on varying sizes of business, assuming an Average Order Value of £100.

Additional Information
  • All fees are paid direct to your bank account within 30 days of us receiving the payment from the client.
  • You cannot refer your own business(es).
  • This agreement is in force for the duration of the client’s initial contract with us.