Take Payments For Less

Reduce admin time, pay less for your transactions and save more money.

Taking Payments Shouldn’t Break The Bank

Cost Effective Bank Transfer Payments

TrustistTransfer uses bank transfer payments, not card payments, meaning your transaction fees are cheaper. 

Our transaction fees are from 0.29% to 0.39% instead of the average 1.5% to 3.5% offered by other providers.

TrustistTransfer utilises Open Banking technology which means a 2 - 20x reduction in transaction fees.

Less Admin, More Time For You

Collecting Payments Shouldn’t be a Hassle

Collect payments with a few taps and view transaction statuses all – from the same app.

All payments through TrustistTransfer are paid for by your customer instantly meaning, no more chasing payments.

Pick The Best Plan For Your Business

With three tiers of pricing and a trial option, find the plan that works for you.

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Chargebacks Are a Thing of The Past

Open Banking means no card payments, which means no chargebacks, so that means no headaches for you.

0.6% of transactions have a chargeback, each could cost you £20-£100.

an image of a man looking content from the benefits of lower costing bank transfer payments and no chargeback risks using open banking

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