Accept Payments For Less

Reduce admin time, pay less for your transactions and save more money.

Lower Transaction Fees

TrustistTransfer utilises Open Banking bank transfers for payments, resulting in lower transaction fees.

Our transaction fee is only 0.29%, compared to the typical 1.5% to 3.5% charged by other providers.

To help you understand how much you can save by using TrustistTransfer, use our cost calculator to see how much you could save compared to other payment providers.

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TrustistTransfer Offers a 2 – 20x reduction in transaction fees!

Save Money With Less Admin Time

Automated Payment Processing

Payments collected through TrustistTransfer are made directly from the customer’s bank account to your bank account. This eliminated the need for entering card details, which can be time consuming and prone to human error.

Real-Time Payment Processing

You can view real-time payment statuses, allowing you to track the status of a payment as it is made. This gives you greater visibility and control over your payment processes.

No Payment Chasing

With traditional payment methods, businesses often have to spend time and resources chasing payments from customers. But with TrustistTransfer, payments are made directly from the customer’s bank account, reducing the need for payment chasing and follow-up.