Lower Cost Bank Transfer Payments

Reduced transaction fees for bank transfer payments with minimal monthly payments and no charge back risk for merchants

The Cheaper Option for Your Business

Collect bank transfer payments easier and cheaper than before

Cheaper Bank Transfer Payments

Cost Effective Bank Transfer Payments

TrustistTransfer offers transaction fees from as little as 0.29%, versus 5% other providers can charge. TrustistTransfer makes the payment process more accessible and cost effective for businesses of all sizes.

The Best Option For Your Business

TrustistTransfer offer tiered pricing packages to give your business the best possible solution, so you can keep more of your money in your pocket and invest it in things to grow your business.

The Benefits of TrustistTransfer

  • Lower transaction fees
  • No chargeback risk
  • Tiered pricing packages

Chargebacks are protection for customers following widespread fraud and abuse from stolen credit card information, however, chargebacks can be a huge headache for merchants to deal with.

As TrustistTransfer removes the need for credit/debit cards there’s no risk of fraud, meaning there’s no risk of chargebacks and no headaches for the merchant.

an image of a man looking content from the benefits of lower costing bank transfer payments and no chargeback risks using open banking

2 – 20x

reduction in payment fees using Open Banking!


of transactions have a chargeback, but not with TrustistTransfer!

£20 – £100

is how much a chargeback could cost you!

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