Simplify Your Takeaway’s Payment Processing With Bank Transfers

The Smarter Payment Option For Your Takeaway

Managing payments as a takeaway can be challenging, but TrustistTransfer simplifies the process and reduces the high fees associated with other payment methods. Our service offers reduced transaction fees and zero chargeback risk, giving you peace of mind when managing your finances. Our minimal monthly payments make it easy to manage your cash flow, while our secure payment processing ensures that your payments are safe and protected. Plus, our service frees up your time so you can focus on providing excellent service to your customers and growing your business!

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Enhanced Security

Your customers feel secure with the familiarity of using their own bank account.

Quick Payments

Get paid quickly with Faster Payments.

Safe Transactions

Enjoy the 0% risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Simplified Payments

Pay with ease without the need for credit/debit cards or sharing bank details.

90% Cheaper

Our lowest transaction fees of 0.29% are more than 90% cheaper than credit/debit card payments!

How TrustistTransfer Works For Your Customers

Easily collect payments through your mobile phone or in person using a unique QR code, or send a PayLink for added convenience. Our user-friendly payment options make transactions quick and effortless.

Scan or Click

Your customer can either scan the QR code presented to them or click the PayLink that you send directly to their device.

Select Bank

Your customer will be directed to a screen where they can select the bank they want to pay with. After selecting they will be redirected to their banking app to approve the payment.

Confirm Payment

Now your customer can confirm the payment using Face ID, fingerprint, or banking password on their banking app and you’ll get paid.

With four tiers of pricing, you can find the best option for you and your business.

How Much Could You Save?

Use our cost calculator to see how much money you could save if you made the switch.

How Much Could You Save?

Average Number of Transactions per Month:

Average Order Value (in GBP):

Select a Payment Provider:

Cost per month with selected payment provider:


Cost per month with TrustistTransfer Gold:


Savings with TrustistTransfer Gold: