Payment Collection Made Easy With QR Codes

Scan, pay, done.

Contactless Payment

Use QR codes to have a completely contactless checkout – just get your customer to scan the QR code.

Easy to Use

With no app or account required, customers just need to scan a QR code to pay you easily.

No Need For Wallets

Customers don’t need to worry about finding their cards or fumbling their cash – they just need their phone to pay.

Image of a person looking at their phone, an image of a phone is onto of the image showing TrustistTransfer. The QR code to pay is highlighted above the phone

How to Collect Payments Via QR Code

Transaction Amount Entered

You input the transaction amount into the TrustistTransfer app and hit ‘Submit’.

QR Code Created

Your pay screen will appear, allowing you to present the QR code to your customer.

The Customer Pays

The customer will scan the QR code with their phone, which opens their browser, allowing them to pay you through Open Banking. 

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Simplify Your Payment Process

QR codes can simplify the payment process for you by enabling customers to make payments by scanning a code with their mobile device. This eliminates the need for customers to manually enter payment information, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Improve Customer Experience

QR codes can provide a convenient and seamless payment experience for your customers. Customers can simply scan the code and make a payment without having to manually enter payment information, which can improve the overall customer experience.

Improve Efficiency

QR codes can help you streamline your payment processes and improve efficiency. Instead of sending invoices and waiting for payments to come in, you can simply display a QR code and receive payments instantly.

Increase Security

QR codes can help you increase the security of your payment processes. This is because the payments are made through Open Banking, and you don’t have to worry about sensitive payment information being exposed.

Reduce Costs

Collecting payments through QR codes can be more cost-effective than traditional payment methods such as credit/debit card payments. This is because there are fewer transaction fees and less administrative work involved.

Expand Payment Options

By offering QR codes as a payment option, you can expand your payment options and offer more flexibility to your customers.

Got Any Questions?

When your customer scans the QR code they will be taken to a screen where they can select their bank from the list, accept the payment confirmation, they will then be redirected to their banking app to confirm and make the payment. 

To prevent potential fraudulent activity, the TrustistTransfer payment QR codes expire after 15 minutes. If 15 minutes passes and the payment has not been made, a new QR code can be generated to complete the transaction.

QR codes are valid for 15 minutes unless the popup is closed. In that 15 minutes the QR code can be scanned as many times as needed (if the payment process fails/user error when completing the payment on the customers side).

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