Take Payments Anywhere

Collect payments anywhere, anytime with PayLinks.

Person on a balcony looking at their phone, an image of a phone is onto with the TrustistTransfer PayLink option hovering above. A text conversion is also shown on the image

What Are PayLinks?

PayLinks are simply links you can send to your customer via sms, email or social media messenger to collect payments. 

Collect Payments Freely

In you kitchen, at your local coffee shop, or on the go – you can send PayLinks wherever you are.

You Choose

Send your customer a PayLink however you want. Use Facebook, sms, email…

Easy to Pay

There’s no app or account needed, your customer can just click the link and follow the steps to pay you.

Got Any Questions?

The PayLink will be applied to your clipboard on your phone allowing you to paste it to any messaging app you want.

To prevent potential fraudulent activity, the TrustistTransfer PayLinks expire after 15 minutes. If 15 minutes passes and the payment has not been made, a new PayLink can be generated to complete the transaction.

The PayLinks like the QR code are valid for 15 minutes, however we only recommend sending the link out once unless the customer needs it again to complete the payment.


Sending out the same PayLink more than once can make the payment process fail.

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