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Our transaction fee of 0.29% is more than 90% cheaper than credit/debit card payments!

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How Our Pricing Works

We’re subscription free! At Trustist, we believe in transparency and affordability, ensuring that you can benefit from our solutions without any hidden costs. That means you only have to pay 0.29% of every transaction you take.

In order for you to collect payments from your customers we charge a small fee of 0.29% of the transaction value. So, for a £100 transaction we will charge you £0.29. This compares to credit or debit card transactions, which vary from £2 to £6 for a £100 transaction (even more if you only collect a small number of payments each month).

We keep a note of these fees and collect them fortnightly. Because we have costs in providing this service the minimum transaction fee for the is £0.09.

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