Get the Whole Team

Our free, unlimited Subaccounts empower you to easily have as many additional users connected to your account as you’d like. So, that means your entire team can process payments for your business!

TrustistTransfer Subaccount Screens

What are Subaccounts?

Subaccounts are a powerful feature that allows you to add your team members to your TrustistTransfer account, enabling them to collect payments on your behalf.

How to add Subaccounts


Head to the App

Head to the Subaccounts screen to add a new subaccount.

TrustistTransfer Subaccount Screen


Invite Them

Enter a display name and invite your team member by QR code, link or email.

TrustistTransfer Subaccount Invite Screen



Once signed up, your team member can take payments on your behalf!

TrustistTransfer Subaccount Screen

Save More Than 90% When Taking Bank Transfer Payments

With Open Banking, our transaction fees are just 0.29% – a fraction of the cost offered by competitors. You also benefit from no chargeback fees!

How Much Could You Save?

Average Number of Transactions per Month:

Average Order Value (in GBP):

Select a Payment Provider:

Cost per month with selected payment provider:


Cost per month with TrustistTransfer:


Savings with TrustistTransfer:


Frequently Asked Questions

You can create as many subaccounts as you like. This makes it easy to manage payments for large teams and organisations.

No, adding subaccounts is completely free. You only need to pay the transaction fees for the payments they collect on your behalf.

You can add subaccounts from your main account holder’s dashboard. Simply navigate to the “Subaccounts” section and click on “Add Subaccount” to get started.

No, each subaccount on TrustistTransfer is isolated from others. This means that they cannot see the payment information or activity of other subaccounts.