Feel Safe Taking Payments

Eliminate the risk of fraud and chargebacks for you and your customers.

More Protection For Your Payments

Forget Fraud And Chargebacks

There’s no middle man using us – your customers pay you directly from their bank, meaning you can collect bank transfer payments from your customers with a 0% risk of fraud and chargebacks.

£261.7 million was lost due to card fraud in the first half of 2021 alone.

A digital combination lock to represent safer bank transfer payments
someone using a digital wallet using nfc technology to pay for something for the blog what is NFC Fraud

Secure Mobile Payments

Keep Your Customers Safe

We make sure your customers can still pay easily with their mobiles, but we also make sure they’re 100% protected.

Contactless payments use NFC (Near Field Communication), which can be compromised in a number of ways allowing someone to make payments on your customers phones without their consent. 

We make sure this cannot happen by using secure bank transfers – that means there is 0% chance of fraud.

Stop NFC Fraud Before It Can Happen

Learn More About NFC Fraud in Our Blog 

Make Your Customers Feel Safe

Security And Privacy Matters

Your customers will not be sharing their security details when paying through us, so personal data never has to be shared.

There’s no download needed for your customer to pay you, TrustistTransfer works through you and your customers’ browser.


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