TrustistTransfer Vs Stripe

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Choosing the right Open Banking provider is a critical decision for businesses as you want to make sure their services are exactly what you are after and the fees are within your budget. There are now a range of Open Banking providers on the market and we understand it can be difficult to compare the […]

Who Uses Open Banking?

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Open Banking is still a relatively new concept to many and despite the UK hitting the 7 million milestone of Open Banking users*, many people may be using Open Banking without them really being conscious of it. So, who uses Open Banking and who can it benefit?  Open Banking is a system that allows third-party […]

What Are The Benefits Of Variable Recurring Payments With Open Banking?

What are the benefits of variable recurring payments with open banking

Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) in the context of Open Banking refer to the ability for consumers to set up automated payments that can change in amount and frequency. These payments are facilitated by Open Banking APIs, which allow authorised third-party providers to access financial data and initiate transactions on behalf of the user. Here are […]

What Are The Benefits Of Open Banking For Sole Traders

The Benefits of Open Banking for Sole Traders

The introduction of Open Banking back in 2018 has given customers in the UK a new sense of control over their personal financial data and who can use it. Open Banking can provide several benefits for businesses of all sizes – including, for Sole Traders, empowering them with greater control and flexibility over their finances. […]

Is Sharing Financial Information Through Open Banking Safe?

Is Sharing Financial Information Through Open Banking Safe?

Open Banking is a system that allows users to share their financial information securely with authorised third-party providers (TPPs) through application programming interfaces (APIs). While Open Banking can offer benefits such as improved financial services and greater control over personal data, it is essential to consider the safety and security of sharing financial information.  Open […]

How Can Open Banking Can Streamline Your Payment Process? 

How Can Open Banking Can Streamline Your Payment Process?

Open Banking has the potential to significantly streamline payment processes by leveraging data sharing and technology advancements. Here are several ways in which open banking can achieve this: Account Aggregation   Open Banking allows users to connect multiple bank accounts and financial institutions through a single interface. This aggregation of accounts provides a consolidated view […]

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Open Banking

Things you probably didnt know about Open Banking

Open Banking is a concept that aims to enhance competition and innovation in the financial industry by allowing customers to share their banking data securely with third-party providers (TPPs). While you may be familiar with the general concept of Open Banking, we can provide you with some lesser-known aspects of it.  Standardisation   Open Banking […]

The Benefits Of Open Banking For Mobile Beauticians

Benefits of Open Banking for Mobile Beauticians

Open Banking can offer several benefits for a range of industries, especially businesses that are on the go, such as mobile beauticians. Here are some key advantages. Seamless Payment Processing Open Banking allows for faster and more convenient payment processing. Mobile beauticians can integrate their services with banking APIs, enabling clients to make instant payments […]

Does Open Banking Affect Your Credit Score?

Does Open Banking affect credit score?

When it comes to anything financial, it is understandable that people are concerned about whether using a new service or technology will affect their credit score. In this article, we discuss the role of Open Banking within the finance sector and whether Open Banking affects your credit score.  It is important to begin by saying […]

What Are Open Banking APIs?

What are Open Banking APIs

Open Banking couldn’t work without the vital use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). They play an integral role in the payment process and have helped change the landscape of payments for the future. In this article, we explain what Open Banking APIs are and how they work. What are APIs? APIs refer to the set […]