How Open Banking Can Benefit The Hospitality Industry

How Open Banking Can Benefit The Hospitality Industry

Before the pandemic, people would not necessarily have seen businesses within the hospitality sector as one that heavily relied on technology. However, as the world came out of lockdown and returned to restaurants, customers’ behaviour changed and quickly adapted to using QR codes for everything from viewing menus to making their payments. The hospitality industry […]

Why Are There Fraud Risks With Contactless Card Payments

Fraud risks of contactless payments

Contactless payments have been around since the 1990s and rose in popularity during the past decade, especially as a result of the pandemic. Whilst contactless is extremely convenient and a quick method to pay, it is important to understand why there are fraud risks with contactless card payments.   The rising popularity of contactless payments […]

Why Chargebacks Are A Risk For Businesses

How chargebacks can impact your business

Chargebacks are something that businesses have had to deal with and have unfortunately become almost unavoidable. Research carried out by and published in 2022, highlighted that “approximately one-quarter of eCommerce shoppers disputed at least one charge in the last 12 months”. The huge numbers of chargebacks made annually can cause businesses a major headache- […]

How Does Klarna Impact Merchants?

In recent years, Klarna has become a popular payment service provider for online shoppers in the UK due to the variety of payment options they offer customers to make shopping easier and more accessible. While this may seem like a win-win situation for both customers and merchants, it can actually have a significant cost impact […]

5 Ways That Open Banking Makes Taking Payments Safer

open banking makes payments safer

Businesses need to be able to provide their customers peace of mind that the payment methods they are using are safe. Fraud is a top concern for many businesses, understandably, as it can be costly to the company and negatively impact their reputation and level of trust with customers. As we discussed in our article […]

Introduction to Online Payments

Introduction to online payments

People are turning to online payments more and more, especially since the pandemic. However, the world of online payments is broad and businesses need to understand the different methods and know which option is best for them and their customers. Here is an introduction to online payments. What are Online Payments? Online payments are the […]

Why Giving People Your Bank Account Details for a Payment is a bad Idea

One of the Trustist team was buying fish and chips one Friday evening recently. Not having cash on him since the COVID pandemic he assumed that the chippy would have a card machine. It didn’t, instead the owner of the chip shop said ‘just do a bank transfer, here are my bank account details’ and […]

Why Was Open Banking Introduced?

Why was open banking introduced

Open Banking is one of the biggest changes in the financial world in recent years. Here we discuss why Open Banking was introduced.

6 Ways Open Banking Can Help Your Business Save Time

6 ways open banking can save your business time

Open Banking has a range of benefits for organisations. Not only is it a secure method of payment that is easy and flexible for customers to use, but it is also extremely secure. Using open banking APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) creates a high level of data protection and convenience for customers and businesses alike whilst […]

<strong>Is Open Banking Safe?</strong>

Is Open Banking Safe

“Is Open Banking Safe?”. This is a common question as the safety of new technologies is paramount. People need to feel safe and secure with new technology, especially when it comes to their money. Whilst Open Banking is becoming an ever-increasingly popular method of payment and managing finances on both a personal and business level, […]