The Pros And Cons Of Open Banking

The pros and cons of open banking

The world of banking is changing dramatically – with one of the most significant advances in recent decades being Open Banking. But, what exactly is Open Banking, why is it now becoming one of the most popular ways to make payments and something businesses and consumers should consider using? Here, we discuss the pros and […]

What is Open Banking And Why is it Becoming so Popular?

a neon red, yellow, green and blue 'open' sign hanging on a windowed door for the blog what is open banking?

Open Banking is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of payment, so it’s time to make sure you know everything you need to get its benefits! Open Banking allows customers to share their banking information with other parties or companies. Open Banking is the sharing of data between banks and third parties. It […]

What is NFC Fraud And How to Avoid it

someone using a digital wallet using nfc technology to pay for something for the blog what is NFC Fraud

What is NFC? Near Field Communication (NFC), is short range wireless technology that allows you to exchange information between two devices that are in a close, physical proximity. NFC is commonly used for mobile payments where the NFC chip can be used to make contactless payments. Today, there are over 1 billion NFC-enabled devices worldwide, […]

The 28 Year History of QR Codes and What Lies in the Future for Them

A wall of printed QR codes for a marketing campaign

Although not everyone knows it, QR codes have a long and varied history. In fact, its invention dates all the way back to 1994. A Japanese company called Denso Wave Incorporated created a barcode that could be scanned by mobile phones and other devices with cameras. It didn’t take long for other companies to realise […]