Getting Started With TrustistTransfer

Before getting started make sure you have the following:

– Driving license/Passport

– UTR Number (Unique Taxpayer Reference)

– Utility Bill/Bank Statement with your business address included

– Banking App/Online Banking Details

Step 1: Business Details

Upon signing up with your email, you’ll need to answer some initial questions about your business and upload or take a photo of a document containing your UTR number. The required information includes your business name, nature of your business and UTR number.

Step 2: ID Verification

After providing your business details, you’ll be prompted to submit a photo of your chosen ID and a selfie for verification. You’ll need either a driving license or passport.

Step 3: Address Verification

Once your identity is confirmed, you’ll need to take a photo of a document containing your business address or upload it if available digitally. You can choose to submit a utility bill or bank statement.

Step 4: Bank Account Setup

Next, you’ll be directed to select your bank account from the list provided. If you have a banking app downloaded, you’ll be redirected there, otherwise, you’ll need to log in to your online banking. This account will be used for subscription fees and transactions, so you’ll need to complete a direct debit form.

Step 5: Approval

Once you’ve completed the onboarding process, you’re done! You’ll receive an email notification within 48 hours of being approved.

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